Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Proposed Plan


Fundraising and donation drive

1 - Charity events in some UK and Irish Universities eg charity dinners and campaigns aimed at collecting money for the mission
2 - Collection of donation during any university and Malaysian community’s events in universities and mass prayers in mosques
3 - Sponsorship and donation application from individuals, shops and other bodies/companies

Preparation training

1 - Courses for student volunteers with IMAM doctors in first aid, emergency medicine, psychology and post-trauma psychiatry.
2 - Short courses on Cambodian history, culture and tradition, and Khmer language.

Project in Cambodia

The team will set up a place to act as the base of our relief work and mobile clinic. The proposed activities are divided into two aspects: Medical and Social Relief


Population survey

i. Make an observation of the local population and situation for further management of the project
ii. Make adjustment to proposed activities to cater to the needs of target groups and time
iii. Hold a meeting and finalise delegation of work to all volunteers
iv. Brief volunteers on execution of the final plan


Mobile clinic: this clinic offers free consultation to local population in the proximity which will cater for a range of health problems including common illnesses, chronic disease (e.g. diabetes mellitus, hypertension) and malnutrition.

Medical check up and treatment

i. Blood pressure
ii. Body temperature
iii. Height
iv. Weight
v. Pulse rate
vi. Cardiovascular examination

Antenatal advice and paediatric care

To distribute available medications (provided by the team) to those in need (eg: antibiotics, vitamins and healthcare products).

To assist doctors in minor surgeries eg: circumcisions, trauma and labour


i. Identifying target groups and addressing the educational aspects of :

• Access to local healthcare facilities in Cambodia
• Family hygiene and sanitation
• Woman health education – including general health, breast self examination, menstruation, pregnancy, use of contraception and family planning.
• Child healthcare – diet and nutrition, immunization and child development
• Dental care – importance of teeth brushing and demonstration on the correct brushing methods to children and mothers.

ii. Informal education by each volunteer to local population throughout all activities in the project.

iii. To give out relevant brochures and educational pamphlets



i) Distribute donation at our base in the form of:
i. Blanket and clothes
ii. Food and formulated milk
iii. Self care and dental care products
iv. Books (including religious materials), school bags and stationeries
v. Health supplement (e.g vitamins)

Community work

i. Home visit for villagers unable to access the mobile clinic to distribute donation and help out with domestic errands i.e. cleaning

ii. Visit to a local school or orphanage to start a new facility (eg. reading corner) and for some informal learning session with the children.