Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The IMAM Cambodian Relief Mission was first designed in response to the humanitarian crisis faced by the Cambodian population as a result of natural and man-made disaster like the 2001 flood and the subsequent drought which left more than 300,000 people in 12 provinces in dire need of food assistance. The aforementioned disasters alongside wars that had shaped Cambodia’s history had left the population, especially children, vulnerable to malnutrition, poor hygiene and sanitation.

This mission allows for the provision of healthcare, health awareness and basic necessities to Cambodians, as well as providing a platform for medical students to get acquainted with basic medical services and the field of relief medicine. We also want to bring people’s attention on the conditions some Cambodians are living in; namely shelter, food, medication and proper sanitation. It will also give a chance for us medical students to complete our electives in a different setting and give an insight on other aspects of the medical career outside hospital walls. This is also a continuation of other relief missions carried out by members of IMAM UKEIRE and will hopefully be an impetus to future mission.